ASYNC 2024 Summer School

Welcome to the ASYNC 2024 Summer School!

(If the video is not visible when you click on the link, try downloading the file and viewing it locally.)

Week 1 : Behavioral design

Monday, July 1, 9:00AM to 1:00PM Eastern Time

Time Topic Speaker(s) Video
9:00 AM Welcome Ivan Sutherland
9:10 AM Overview of summer school + introduction to async Rajit Manohar
9:40 AM break
9:45 AM Message-passing behavioral description Rajit Manohar
10:45 AM Examples: FIFO, two-input arithmetic, simple pipeline Rajit Manohar
11:00 AM Pipelined asynchronous circuits: basic performance estimation Montek Singh
11:45 AM Examples: performance estimation v/s simulation results Montek Singh
12:00 PM From message-passing to control flow extraction Montek Singh
1:00 PM End of day

Week 2: Gate-level design

Monday, July 8, 9:00AM to 1:00PM Eastern Time

Time Topic Speaker(s) Video
9:00 AM Recap of models; gates and gate-level simulation Rajit Manohar
9:30 AM Syntax directed translation Rajit Manohar
10:15 AM Examples Rajit Manohar
10:20 AM break
10:30 AM Petri Net Models Alex Yakovlev
11:30 AM Example: CHP to Petri net controller Alex Yakovlev
11:45 AM Converting Petri Nets to gates Alex Yakovlev
12:15 PM Example Alex Yakovlev
12:30 PM Non-deterministic constructs Rajit Manohar
1:00 PM End of day

Week 3: Physical design

Monday, July 15, 9:00AM to 1:00PM Eastern Time

Time Topic Speaker Video
9:00am Timing constraints Rajit Manohar
9:30am Examples
9:40am break
9:45am Custom circuit design
10:45am break
10:50am The ASIC flow: mapping to cells Rajit Manohar
11:10am Example: cell mapping
11:25am break
11:30am Example: layout configuration, cell generation Rajit Manohar
11:55am break
12:00pm Example: place and route flow Rajit Manohar
12:30pm break
12:35pm Next steps all