ext2sp converts a (hierarchical) magic extract file into a hierarchical spice file for simulation with SPICE simulators like Xyce or ngspice. Running the tool is straightforward:

  ext2sp file.ext > file.spice

will convert the hierarchical extract file into the corresponding spice file. For this to work properly, there are a number of configuration parameters that are set in the ACT configuration file.

string_table ext_devs "nfet" "pfet"

This table specifies the list of devices supported by the magic technology file. The devices must be listed in the same order as the resistance classes in magic.

string_table ext_map "nfet_svt" "pfet_svt"

This table specifies the mapping between the magic devices listed in the ext_devs table and the standard ACT device names.

Finally, different versions of SPICE use different path separators. This can be specified using the following configuration option (which specifies the correct value for Xyce):

string spice_path_sep ":"

While tools like hspice and ngspice use / as the separator, Xyce uses :.