In addition to the core ACT library, we have also implemented a number of tools for asynchronous circuit design. Some of the core tools are included as part of the main Github repository, while others have their own repository. For completeness, we also include links to other open-source tools that can be used to implement different parts of the VLSI flow.

  • prsim: a digital production-rule simulator.
  • actsim: an ACT simulator.
  • prs2net: a production rule to SPICE netlist generator
  • prs2sim: a production rule to sim file converter
  • aflat and prspack: a production rule flattener and compaction tool. See the documentation for prsim.

Of these tools, prs2net, prs2sim, and aflat are core ACT tools–i.e. tools that use the core ACT library and take ACT files as input.

Standalone tools:

  • AMC: an asynchronous memory compiler
  • ext2sp: converts magic extract files into a hierarchical spice file
  • lvp: layout versus production rules

External open-source tools:

  • Xyce: An analog circuit simulator developed by Sandia National Labs
  • magic: The Magic VLSI layout editor
  • irsim: A switch-level circuit simulator
  • Gemini: a netlist comparison for strict layout-versus-schematic checking Gemini