Asynchronous VLSI and Architecture

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Resilient Asynchronous Systems

     SRAM-based FPGA
Designing for faults in asynchronous systems requires that we must handle errors on signals used for data as well as synchronization.

What is the overhead of handling errors in asynchronous systems? What are the limits of unreliability that can be tolerated by robust design? How do we design for permanent as well as transient faults? What are the implications of nanoscale electronics on the design of large-scale systems? This project investigates some of these questions.

We have developed a number of different approaches to mitigate the impact of a variety of faults in asynchronous logic. Examples include SEU immunity, permanent fault detection and isolation, and architectural techniques for fault tolerance.


Christopher LaFrieda (Ph.D. 2009)
Song Peng (Ph.D. 2006)


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