• Summer School, 2024: We are organizing a summer school in 2024!
  • Summer School, 2022: In summer 2022, we organized a summer school on asynchronous design. This school covered an introduction to asynchronous design, the different levels of abstraction, and a design flow that went through placement and routing. The ACT tools were used throughout. The schedule, slides, and videos of the entire summer school, including demonstration sessions, are provided.
  • ACT by Example: a series of examples of building various types of circuits, introducing ACT constructs as we go.

Flow overview

  • Custom flow: design flow for custom circuit design
  • ASIC flow: designing an ASIC with a cell library and automated place and route.

Class slides

These are some of the slides used to teach asynchronous design.

EENG 426 / CPSC 459: Silicon Compilation at Yale (Fall 2018)